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Book Press 12-1/2" x 13" Combination Book Press, Birch or Maple Top-2

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Price: $118.00
Item Number: 210-2
Manufacturer: Simplied Products, LLC
Manufacturer Part Number: 210-2
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12-1/2" x 13" Combination Book Press

Item # 210-2 is a 12-1/2” wide x 13” deep working area, economical Combination Edge Gluing and Pressing Book Press for making books, note pads, or similar items requiring a firmly pressed edge to glue or finish a binding, with lots of room to press books up to 12-1/2” x 13”.  The press converts easily into a full-sized clamping press by exchanging the clamp bar for a full size upper plate.  

We have improved the aligning bar design for easier removal, and now machine the holes with CNC equipment for exacting alignment of all components.  Our Logo is engraved on both plates out of the way of the working area.


Made from Maple top plywood and select pine, smooth sanded, without any finish or stain applied.  (For a Polyurethane finished version see Item # 210-1) This model is designed to align and press a stack up to 1-1/4” high with a clamping width clearing 12-1/2” wide.  The extra-long bolts also give a total opening height of 3-5/16” so thick or multiple books can be pressed flat at the same time.  The table is 13” deep, but longer materials can be used as there is no depth restriction.  The side is squared with the front edge, although all sides are in square.  The side rail and Clamp Bar are easily removable, allowing you to install the full sized 15-1/2” x 13” upper plate, turning the edge finishing press into a clamping press. 


The soft feel oversized knobs will clear the side rail guide, thus allowing them to be easily spun down holding everything firmly in place, ready for glue, rubber cement, etc.  No fighting with wing nuts & hurting fingers trying to get proper clamping pressure.  The clamp bar is strengthened with a cross bar that doubles as a handle for easy lifting while positioning your work.  Overall nominal dimensions: 15-1/2” wide x 13” deep x 6” high (top of bolt).  Four plated 5/16-18 x 6” carriage bolts are pressed in.  The clamp bar and top plate are pressed by using four oversized 2-1/2” diameter polypropylene knobs with thread inserts for extra ease in clamping down tightly.


Special size beds, materials, stains, finishes, or knobs will be cheerfully quoted upon request!


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